May 25, 2014



You have to TRULY want something, but not JUST want it, BELIEVE that you CAN do it and then do EVERYTHING possible to MAKE it happen, for something to become REAL, YOUR reality instead of just a dream or a fantasy, a want or desire that you see only in your mind or heart. You have to TRULY be prepared to give and do EVERYTHING possible to make it come TRUE. You have to TRULY make the decision that you ARE going to PURSUE your heart no matter the cost and sacrifices that are going to be asked of you along the way. You have to TRULY be ENGAGED in the journey, hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE and accept ALL responsibility, to make the DIFFERENCE required, to equip yourself with the POWER you need to make it HAPPEN.

When you TRULY want it, BELIEVE you can, are PREPARED for what is to come, and are living FULLY in every MOMENT of the journey you have determined to set upon, you are READY to open a NEW chapter of your life, ready to embrace the NEW, ready to step OUT and into the wonders that are waiting for you, the MIRACLES that have been waiting for you to open your mind and heart and soul to RECEIVE, to be BLESSED beyond what you could ever imagine or wish for. When you are TRULY ENGAGED in the experience and are LIVING, miracles HAPPEN, and they happen to YOU.

All of life is a miracle and YOU are one in it, but your heart has to be OPEN to SEE it, and it can only be open when you TRULY BELIEVE and DECIDE to CREATE your OWN DESTINY.

© Rosie Chee