May 22, 2014



Everyone has their OWN path in life. No one walks the SAME one, even if they walk WITH others for part of the journey, and you never know what another has been THROUGH if you did not walk that way with them. Therefore you have NO right to judge or criticize what another is doing, for you know NOT what trials and tribulations, what heartache and loss, what changes they have faced. All you can do is ACCEPT that they are where they are right NOW and that you are a part of their journey NOW, and thus do what you can to UNDERSTAND where that individual is at and what they need NOW.

Everyone is going to need DIFFERENT things, and just because some people might have gone through the same or similar experiences does NOT mean that they both require the same things. Everyone deals with life in their OWN way, so seek to UNDERSTAND that individual, striving to be what they need NOW.

In the same way, others should realize and understand that YOU have your OWN life experiences, on your OWN journey, and unless you SHARE your story THEY do not know where you are in your walk either. If you share, do not be offended if others offer ASSISTANCE, especially if they have ALREADY gone where you are going or have been, because sometimes they can help you, just as YOU are able to help OTHERS on theirs.

SEEK to UNDERSTAND to be UNDERSTOOD. Easier said than done, because man is quick to judge and criticize, seeing only an impression and impressions are so very often so very FAR from the TRUTH. LEARN the TRUTH so that you can be RELEVANT in others’ lives. You need to be RELEVANT to make a DIFFERENCE, and to be relevant you need to KNOW and UNDERSTAND.

In the same token, don’t be afraid to share if you are struggling, because companionship can help make a difficult time more BEARABLE, knowing that you’re NOT alone.


© Rosie Chee