May 23, 2014



When you’ve been through hell and back, not once, but MULTIPLE times, you learn to APPRECIATE life, learn from your experiences and the chance to grow stronger, thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon you, and approach life with a “never say never” “risk everything” attitude. After all, you have only ONE life and only ONE chance to live it, so why not make it the BEST life you could possibly have?!

When a single experience changes you in ways you could never possibly imagine, you realize that life has so much MORE out there just waiting for you to discover it, breathe it, see it, LIVE it. It WANTS you to grasp every opportunity as a chance to do something GREAT with your life, an open door to leave as big an impression on as you can in passing through.

Every second, every minute, every hour of every day, is a chance. A chance to RISK, to put yourself out there and say “Bring it on!”, “Give me all you’ve got!”, to LIVE completely and without regret, knowing that you gave it EVERYthing you had and did the BEST you could with what you had and were given.

DON’T wait for “tomorrow” to come to start risking. DARE! Be Dangerous! Take the Plunge! LIVE LIFE AND LIVE IT NOW!

© Rosie Chee