May 18, 2014



The things that are going to make the MOST change in your life are the things that are going to be the HARDEST to do. They’re also going to require the most RISK and cause the most HEARTACHE. They will fill your heart with happiness, whilst at the same time dripping tears down your soul. It might be hard to LET GO, but it is HARDER to hold onto something that is not meant to be. Life is meant for LIVING, so even if it means saying GOOD-BYE to something you love more than life itself, to HEAL your soul sometimes you MUST.

If you have to, cry yourself to sleep at night and put on a SMILE for everyone in the morning, so that they don’t know any different, and go about your life in a way that MAKES a DIFFERENCE in others’ lives. It hurts when the one you love the most loves you back, but is too afraid to take the risk you would give your life for in a heartbeat, and sometimes the only way to hide that pain is to do your best to help ease the pain of OTHERS.

It may not make any SENSE, but in the end the pieces will all come together for you to see the BIGGER picture, and everything will be CLEARER than ever. You might NOT want to do it, but you might HAVE to, in order to prevent regret from letting the pain of it all stop you from living as you were MEANT to, depriving your LIGHT and INFLUENCE from the world. Do not let your hurts prevent you from helping heal the hurts of others.

Do not let your pain cloud your heart and shut all POSSIBILITY out. Do not think that it is over, because there is so much MORE out there for you, so much BEAUTY, so many BLESSINGS, so much more than you could ever have IMAGINED, all just WAITING for you to open your arms and EMBRACE it, ACCEPT it, and just let it HAPPEN.

© Rosie Chee