May 30, 2014



Be YOU. Just the way you ARE. If you change, change for YOU. If you grow, grow for YOU. If you dream, dream for YOU.

Do not let anyone take AWAY from who you are. Do not allow them to make you into LESS than the wonderful and beautiful creature that is you. Do not give them the power to control what you think and feel and dream.

BE you. In EVERYthing you say and think and do. Fear not to be yourself, uncut and raw in your emotions and feelings. Pause not in voicing the soul that hides inside the fragile yet resilient body housing it.

Let the world SEE you for who you are. Let it KNOW your story. Let it journey WITH you without letting it change you. Let your SMILE light up the dark when your thoughts are storming or another is tearful. Let your heart LOVE the ones who simply accept you and bring you so much joy every day.

BE YOU. Be BOLD in your chasing of dreams. Be ORIGINAL in your style and set yourself apart. Be LIMITLESS in knowing what you can accomplish and achieve in the “impossible”. Just be YOU.

© Rosie Chee