April 20, 2014



Life is full of miracles and wonders. Life is full of beauty and majesty. There is ALWAYS something that can – and will – amaze and surprise you, especially when you LEAST expect it, often when you have given up on anything of the like [for you].

Live life like it IS a miracle – because it IS. Live life like something WONDERFUL is going to happen to YOU – because it IS waiting to be. Live life APPRECIATING the beauty of the souls and hearts and of those who surround [and love] you. Live life knowing what majesty created this world and give THANKS for it.

Life loves to SURPRISE you, to create DELIGHT in your soul, by AMAZING you with WONDER. It loves to bring JOY to your soul in the most UNexpected of ways, through the most UNlikely of people. It loves to RENEW the HOPE in the hearts of the broken and weary, giving them something to look FORWARD to after the cold and dark night of tragedy. It loves to RESTORE the FAITH of those who have all but lost it, giving them glimpse of the future and what could be.

Life is full of everything you could ever imagine and MORE. It might try to beat you down and bring you to your knees, but it can also be truly wonderful, and sometimes you have to look past the pain and ugliness to see the beauty and wonder of it. You have to accept that there is a BALANCE and you cannot have one withOUT the other - they will always COexist, just as there exists light and dark within the human soul. The soul holds more power and strength than you might ever know, so always believe and never forget, that something wonderful is about to happen [just when you need it the most].

© Rosie Chee