February 5, 2014



Sometimes our mind and heart and soul can be in conflict with one another – this can create confusion and chaos and when we have those, we can be scattered and restless, become doubtful of our path and mistrusting of ourselves. STOP. Take a step BACK and really look at what is going on. See the art for what is TRULY there – from a distance and not that up-close-and-personal perspective that we sometimes “blind” ourselves to see.

LISTEN. Your SOUL is from whence your real “truth” stems – it whispers its secrets and desires to your heart and your heart leads from there. LET your heart lead and listen not always to the “logic” of your mind, for sometimes logic is not always logical, and what is done on faith, although might APPEAR to have no sense, makes the MOST sense of all.

Sometimes the mind can cause distress in the heart – when that happens we seem “off” for our soul protests, our “instinct” knowing what it is we TRULY need and not what we THINK we do. Sometimes the “think” is a want, a stubborn thread not ready to be let go of, even if our soul already has, causing pain in the heart from the emotions it evokes. In such times you have to IGNORE your mind and seek deep the whispers of your soul.

LISTEN. Let your heart be filled with the truth of your soul - to surround you and seep into your mind, so that your all becomes in SYNC. When your mind and heart and soul are working as one, striving together for a common purpose instead of fighting against each other, then you will have clarity in your journey and the road ahead, even if you know not where it leads just yet, will be made that much clearer.

© 2014 Rosie Chee