August 18, 2013



Sometimes the way we “feel” can be “wrong” – not wrong in the way we feel, but that the way we feel was not the intention of whatever made us feel this way. Confusing? Absolutely. Feelings ARE confusing. There is not always rhyme or reason for the way we feel. There is not always logic or common sense in the way our hearts wander. There is not always purpose to the emotion surging through our soul. There is only FEELING. And that feeling is what CONSUMES us.

We can embrace our feelings. We can push them aside and ignore them. Or we can deny their very existence. But, like an addiction, the more we deny that we have them, the stronger they become, and the stronger they become, like a pent up volcano, the more inevitable that they will eventually implode upon ourselves or explode out into the world. Implode or explode – both can cause massive destruction and consequences far beyond our reach.

Denial is the hiding place of either an ignorant or a coward, and sometimes by someone who is only trying to make the best of their lives and sees their feelings as a weakness. A weakness that can be turned against them, used as a weapon. But feelings are not always weakness, dependent on the feeling and the individual in question. Sometimes those powerful emotions can be a strength they never realized, a force beyond reckoning when accepted as being and released from their soul.

When something is so powerful that it can only GROW understand that there IS a reason, a purpose – maybe not now, but to be eventually seen and known. Sometimes when we accept in faith, instead of slowly destroying ourselves from the inside out, we learn more about OURSELVES and come to see the world in different light, infused with a deeper ability to “become”. Not denial, but ACCEPTANCE of inexplicable truths, moves us further along the path of enlightenment, because emotions are instinct.

© 2013 Rosie Chee