June 26, 2013



There is so much LIFE inside each one of us. So many DREAMS. So much PASSION. And yet sometimes that life, those dreams, that passion, fades and withers. And we LET it. We do nothing but sit by and watch as part of us disappears into oblivion.

We canNOT. We cannot just sit by and WATCH. We cannot simply let it HAPPEN. We cannot allow the life of us to disappear withOUT a fight. We HAVE to fight. We have to FIGHT for our dreams with a passion. We have to fight for the life we want AND crave.

If we do nothing, we may as well be killing OURSELVES. Slowly, until there is NOTHING left but empty space inside a hollow shell. Then it truly WOULD be a tragedy.

But we have the POWER. We have the power to CHANGE that. We get to CHOOSE whether we live or die, and what parts of us will continue on. WE decide how much life we allow to be “taken” from us, the dreams we cast aside, the passion we let simmer until it cools.

Life is meant to be LIVED. To “live” means to experience EVERYTHING with a passion, to dream higher than the stars, and we cannot do that if we allow life to “drag us down”. Somehow we must hold ONTO the passion that infuses through and ultimately inspires the dreaming that “keeps us alive”.

© 2013 Rosie Chee