June 27, 2013



Be CONFIDENT in WHO you are and what you can DO. In that confidence, have HUMILITY. You do not have to be the one to applaud yourself your deeds or works, but let OTHERS and when they do, humbly accept their praise and be thankful that they recognize your abilities and hard work.

Be COURAGEOUS in WHO you are. Stand FIRM in what you believe in, staying TRUE to yourself in all that you do and do not allow your soul to be compromised by the world or others in it. Have faith that the TRUTH will be seen and KNOWN by those who need to understand.

You must also be courageous in your confidence and humble in your character. Courageous enough to do WHAT you do and humble enough to know that you alone are not the ONLY special individual in the world.

To stand alone if you must and walk your own path takes courage AND confidence. To be who you are in a world that is trying to make you into everyone else takes courage AND confidence. To be able to say “This is me - take me or leave me” takes courage AND confidence.

Humility and courage. Confidence and character. One must be humble in their confidence and courageous in their character, but ALSO have courage in their confidence and humility in their character. Realize and understand the need for such reciprocity and you shall be on your way to success.

© 2013 Rosie Chee