May 4, 2013



Alone one can achieve many things. They can stand against an army of disbelievers and naysayer and accomplish the “impossible”. They can hold their ground against forces that seek to destroy them and bring them to their knees. They can walk their own path and look behind only to find that they have followers in their wake. Alone, one can achieve many things.

Yet, those things, when looked at in the larger picture of life, are so very little. As one individual is but a speck in the sands of the desert of life, a drop in the ocean of life, barely a whisper on the winds that traverse through time, so is what they achieve “little”. It might enable something greater to be accomplished, but still…

TOGETHER, one or more individuals with vision can achieve many great things. They can change the world and topple dynasties as they usher in a new era. They can hold power over millions of people and create complete chaos and anarchy at the same time as they bring about the most immeasurable difference in others’ lives for happiness and peace. They can shake the foundations of the world and make it stand up and take notice. Together can be achieved many GREAT things.

There is POWER in UNITY. There is STRENGTH in COMMUNITY. Alone, one can only do SO much, but TOGETHER, such a change can be wrought that it changes the face of all one thought possible. TOGETHER, one sees the PURPOSE of the vision, the image that the tapestry of life forms with all its connecting threads, all the lives intertwined in and through and over and around each other, building something that is ultimately beautiful and hard to destroy.

Alone, there is nothing wrong with walking. But at some point in life, we “need” to walk TOGETHER. We DESIRE to “come in” with even only one other, to SHARE the journey and impact the world just that much MORE. There is nothing wrong with walking alone, but realize the strength that comes from walking TOGETHER.         

© 2013 Rosie Chee