April 14, 2013



When you look at your life, what you’re doing, who you’re with, do you ever feel that it is supposed to be DIFFERENT, that there should be MORE to it? If you do, then you’re NOT wrong, because there IS more to life than where you are right now. There is an ENTIRE universe out there waiting for you to EXPLORE, endless OPPORTUNJITIES waiting for you to seize them, precious MOMENTS just waiting to be created and lived as a waking memory. There is FAR more than what you see NOW. There is ALWAYS more for the one who wants it and PURSUES it.

That does not mean that you are not “content” with what you have and where you are now. It simply means that you KNOW you exist for something more, to fulfill a HIGHER purpose, a destiny that calls you to ALWAYS be moving FORWARD and becoming BETTER, and in doing so, spreading your light, your life a LIVING testimony of what can be done when one’s soul is in tune with everything, so sensitive to the vibrations running through it, always humming, whispering of “greater” things, ways to make as MUCH “impact” on the world before that light is extinguished.

There IS more out there for YOU. You just first have to realize and UNDERSTAND it, then SEEK the “more”, follow the path where your heart and dreams take you, the gentle murmurings of your soul “guiding” you. Your life does not exist in a vacuum, but an INFINITE universe of desires waiting to be manifested as reality, waiting for you to take the FIRST step towards them, reaching out a hand to touch them, pull them from your mind and bring them forth into your world and life as you know it. If your soul is “restless” with your life, knowing that there “should” be something more than it is now, then it is RIGHT, and it is on YOU to go out there and “find” that “more”.

© 2013 Rosie Chee


Gladiator Assault Challenge was yesterday in Lake Geneva. FIrst "race" of the year, fraught with obstacles and "danger" in ice and mud, snow and hail the prevailiing weather. Starting out with gusto, smilling in excitement, laughter ringing through the course at random times because of surprising events, and ending with mud-covered and painful bodies, albeit still with a smile. A lot of fun and looking forward to more such events coming in 2013!

Photo courtesy of Becky Senobe