April 11, 2013



Your DREAMS are the MOTIVATION of your SOUL. Do NOT “shrink” them for ANYONE, no matter WHAT. Care NOT about the opinions of others on whether or not your dreams are “for” you. YOU decide your dreams and no one else, for your dreams are YOUR soul speaking to you, and when your soul speaks, you had better LISTEN.

NEVER give up your dreams for the vision of another. Never let GO of your dreams because it might seem like the world is against them. Dreams are placed in your heart for a reason; they are a part of your soul for a PURPOSE, and if you DON’T follow them, you are going to miss OUT on something INCREDIBLE.

When the world says “nay”, “supersize” your DETERMINATION. Gather your strength and “supersize” your COURAGE. Take heart in your ABILITIES and know that whatever obstacles you may come up against, you DO have within you the power to OVERCOME it.

Never give UP your dreams for the world. NEVER let go of your dreams because someone else thinks you should have a different dream and live your life heading in another direction. Never “shrink” your dreams and allow them to become a shadow because you get lost in striving to achieve someone ELSE’S dream.

Instead, LIVE your OWN dream. Reach for the STARS in your OWN soul. “Supersize” your soul and know that if you have a dream inside that you canNOT let go of, you have the backing of the greatest of them all, and HE keeps His promises, faithful to those who stay true to their purpose.

© 2013 Rosie Chee