April 8, 2013



EVERYone has a story. EVERYone has been through something that has made such an impact on their life that they have been forever changed. EVERYone has had someone in their life who has affected them so significantly that their soul cannot help but have been changed.

When you look at an individual you see what they LOOK like. You do not see what they have been THROUGH. You see the physical manifestation of whatever they have been through internally, and sometimes that is not even the case, for some are masters at masking any personal pain or suffering, choosing instead to present to the world a smile in a carefree manner so that you will never know the affliction in their soul. But you can tell if you take the time to look INTO their eyes, for they cannot keep a blank mask there infinitely, and in the briefest of moments when they might think no one is watching or will notice, you can see their soul there.

Everyone has a story that would make either your heart bleed or your mind relate. Everyone has lived an imperfect life, making mistakes that they might regret, chosen paths they might wish they could unstep, be put in situations they might never wish on others. No one has immunity to life and the chaos that it throws one into.

Everyone has a STORY. If you take the time to stop and LISTEN, to truly SEE a person for the creature they are as a result of what they have been through and what they have chosen to BE because of it, you will see their heart, their strength, their SOUL. You might learn from them, be inspired by them, but above all, you will realize that YOU too are human, and this life WILL change you, sometimes in ways you could never imagine in your wildest dreams, whether through circumstance or the touch of another soul against your own, for better or for worse, not even for a reason but just because it can, to see how you will respond, to see what kind of creature YOU are and what you are made OF.

Everyone has a story. You do. I do. You might not know mine, nor I yours, but it’s time to start SHARING those stories, so that we can create COMMUNITY, a unity that binds the world together in an understanding, moving us all towards the common goal of becoming BETTER than we are, all that we can be, fulfilling our POTENTIAL, and inspiring others along the way.

© 2013 Rosie Chee