April 6, 2013



There is a voice in your soul, sometimes so quiet you can barely hear it unless you STILL yourself to almost unbreathing. But when you do and find yourself in the calm stillness of silence, when all time seems to have stopped and you can HEAR even the lightest feather fall, you can hear your soul speaking. You can hear the truth in your soul, the hidden dreams, the most desperate desires afraid to be heard at any other time, the actions waiting to be evoked into “being”. You can see your world through the eyes of your HEART and begin to understand who you really are and what you truly want out of life.

Often we are so BUSY with our lives, bustling from one thing to another, hustling to create action and the appearance of “doing” that we do NOT hear our soul speaking. We think that we have been forgotten by God, left alone to drift through time and space, doing what we must in order to survive. If we only STOPPED, even for the briefest of moments and allowed ourselves a silent second of CLARITY, we would see that those thoughts are not the truth. The truth is INSIDE us, deep down in the depths where echoes rise from, and we must be STILL in order to hear it. We must STOP rushing and allow the whispering wind inside our soul to flicker through us with its murmurings.

The butterfly touch of that wind on our soul, whispering dreams of passion and desire, of longings we have buried so deep but never let go of, of hope we had put aside for the time when it felt right, of courage required to step out into the risk of “being”, is our TRUTH, our “moments”, the “God” inside of us guiding us in the direction we should follow. Instinct or intuition, destiny or fate, however you perceive it, it is WITHIN us in those soul whisperings, and they are not there without reason. If you want to create a DREAM, live IN that dream, and have your life be one of fantasy AND reality, give yourself permission to stop and LISTEN to your soul, that feather falling, so that you can catch it and HOLD it, seeing your life full of WONDER.

© 2013 Rosie Chee