March 22, 2013

2013 | Day 80: PATH TO "BECOMING"



Everything that I have been through up to this point is my PAST. The past is GONE and yes, we are supposed to let it GO. BUT…That does NOT mean that we ever forget it, for it has played an ESSENTIAL role in creating the person we are TODAY. Every experience, every tear, every smile, every heartache, every joy, every person who has entered and left, every sunset and dawn, everything has contributed to our personal and spiritual growth and development. Everything has advanced our MATURITY as an individual and in LIFE. EVERYTHING. There is NOTHING that is insignificant, even though some events stand out as milestones on the path we have traversed.

My past has taught me. It has given and it has taken from me. It has forced me to bend and break and yield. It has caused me to rise and fight and determined strength. It has been a path through plains of drought and fields of plenty, up mountains of struggle and down waterfalls of ease, and through it all, I have been moulded.

My past may have helped “create” me, but it does not DEFINE me. I am NOT my past. I am who I CHOOSE to be. I am what I have chosen to TAKE from my past, what I have ALLOWED to creep inside my soul and reside there, pulling my heart and guiding my mind in its formation of life and purpose.

I can look back on my past and see the steps, the journey, the experiences that have been the biggest “turning points” in my life. I can recognize the PEOPLE who have had the most impact on my soul and created the most development in my being. I can understand that from my SOUL stems my feelings about life, starting unconsciously, until it manifests either in heart or mind, through emotion or vision. I can ACCEPT that EVERYTHING has been a part of my path to AWARENESS, my journey of growth and development.

Everything current and future will eventually too become part of my past, part of my journey, my STORY. Everything that has happened, is happening, or will happen, is IMPORTANT. But not as important as SEEING it as it happens and understanding that not all things in life will shape us in the way we desire, but instead in the way that we NEED, in order for us to become ALL we CAN be.

© 2013 Rosie Chee