February 14, 2013

2013 | Day 44: LIVE TO LOVE



Life is MORE than the mere passing of days, of time floating from one oblivion into the next, waiting until the final breath when we might pass from this world. It is MOMENTS that can make or break a soul, significant events that determine the course one will ultimately take, experiences that shape the heart into warmth or ice. Life for each one of us is very DIFFERENT, but for all of us it should have a PURPOSE – to MAKE a difference.

To make a difference you have to CARE; you have to LOVE. You have to love what you are doing with a passion greater than the voices of the naysayers and negative influences. You have to love the people you are trying to reach and share your life with, accepting them unconditionally for no one is perfect and everyone is going to disappoint you at some time or another. You have to be OPEN to others and reciprocal of ideas and needs, understanding that while a single soul CAN make a difference, MANY souls in accord with a single purpose and mission can achieve far greater impact.

Live your life as one of love and SERVICE to others. Not as a slave, but as a willing servant who realizes that value is not placed on what can be accumulated in worldly wealth, but in the part of you that you leave behind in the hearts and souls of those who your life crosses paths with.

© 2013 Rosie Chee