February 8, 2013

2013 | Day 38: SHINE FROM WITHIN



Not everyone likes the spotlight, being the centre of attention, even those who are often in it or thrust into that small circle of light. Some of us prefer to work BEHIND the scenes, doing what we can, working for the greater good, ensuring things work smoothly, fine with allowing others to take the credit for any success. It’s not all about you, even if it might be. It’s about the TEAM and how you can ALL succeed in what you do, ALL of you learning and GROWING and becoming BETTER along the way. It’s about giving without needing recognition, knowing that what you are doing IS enough, making that difference, contributing something to the world, just getting it out there without needing to say “it was me”.

When the light of your soul and what it offers the world shines bright, no matter whether you hide behind the scenes or are among the crowd, that light will ALWAYS be seen. OTHERS will notice, even if you may not, or do not want them to. You cannot hide the light of your soul when it spreads change and effect, no matter how SMALL the ripples you create in the ocean of life. Even if there is only ONE other who sees that light, at least you made A difference. Knowing that we CAN and DO make a difference, despite the size of the numbers we reach can make all the difference to US. Sometimes the knowledge alone is ENOUGH, giving us a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that we were ABLE to make that change and touch that life.

It’s not about the glory we can achieve, but the DIFFERENCE we can make. So live each day as if EVERYTHING you do reaches further than you can ever imagine, because in reality, it DOES.

© 2013 Rosie Chee