January 19, 2013




I am accountable to MYSELF first and foremost. Yes, it is important to have others to whom we can hold ourselves accountable, especially when it comes to our goals, but in the end, we must RESPECT ourselves enough to be able to be accountable for our own person in our heart. Being accountable to yourself means being HONEST with yourself. It means taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions, accepting that you and you alone made the decision to do whatever it is that you did, and you and you alone are your source of achievement or disappointment. When you are able to do that you are able to GROW. When you are able to grow, you can become an INSPIRATION for others who may have or are struggling with the same issues that you have experienced. It helps you to MINISTER to others, able to empathize with their situation, and offer some source of comfort. It allows you to start being able to be honest with OTHERS. When you are honest with others, it lets them know that it’s ok to be human and be flawed and make mistakes, which in turn might help them be able to open up and SHARE their experiences and hardships with others, to create more COMMUNITY. Community, the coming together of different cultures and people from all walks and ways of life, begins to create a UNIFIED world.

© 2013 Rosie Chee