June 22, 2012

2012 | Day 170: You've got that smile...


The Wall

A wall is nothing but an obstacle. And obstacles are always going to present whenever you are chasing your dreams. When one comes to a wall there are several types of people - those who hit the wall and STOP, those who climb OVER the wall, those who see the wall coming and go AROUND it, and those who just keep going right THROUGH the wall.

Those who hit the wall and stop are a great majority. Sadly, these are those who will NEVER achieve anything great in their life, because they are too afraid to take the risk or refuse to see the possibilities BEYOND the obstacles in their path. They are content to sit back and watch life, instead of being a PART of it. Ironically, these are also those who are the most likely to be the ones throwing stones and obstacles in the paths of those who ARE out there taking the risks and doing great things.

Those who climb over the wall are few. They REFUSE to believe that the wall is the end of their hopes and dreams, knowing that there is a way OVER every obstacle set before them. They are the thinkers, the doers, those who step out there and just do what it TAKES to get the task done. They are NOT afraid to fall, trying again and again if they do, because what they want is far greater than the obstacles.

Those who see the wall coming and go around it are also few. They are the ones who are always thinking, always analyzing, always looking AHEAD. They are aware that NOTHING is easy, that there will always be obstacles, and they ALREADY have a plan before they come to any obstacles on how to deal with them, so that they expend as little effort as possible, being as EFFICIENT in the pursuit of their goals as they can be.

Those who keep going right through the wall are rare. They are the ones who refuse to let ANYthing stop them from achieving their goals and dreams, determined to have them at any cost, driven with a passion understood only by like-minded souls, possessing immense strength of both mind and body, believing and having such faith in their heart that NOTHING can stop them. They will do WHATEVER it takes and make every sacrifice to see their dreams made reality, even if it means that they come close to destruction in the process.

I know what I AM; what I DO. What type of person are YOU?

Quote for Reflection:


Session 1

a. 4 min jogging
b. 28 x 20 sec sprint/10 sec easy
c. 4 min jogging

Stretch 5 min

Shoulders/Arms/Abs (30 sec recovery between quadsets):
QuadSet A -
1. Weighted DB Crunches (on bench, knees at 90 degree flexion) 3 x 15
2. Reverse Curls (on floor) 3 x 10
3. Pikes (on bench) 3 x 15
4. Skip 3 x 150 revolutions
QuadSet B -
5. Alternate Incline DB Bicep Curls 3 x 20, 16, 12
6. Rope Tricep Push-Downs 3 x 6
7. Alternate DB Hammer Bicep Curls 3 x 12
8. Skip 3 x 150 revolutions
QuadSet C -
9. Rear Flyes 3 x 15
10. Standing DB Arnold Press 3 x 10
11. Plate Lateral Raises 3 x 15
12. Skip 3 x 150 revolutions

Post-Weights Cardio:
Recline Bike 20 min @ 105-108 rpm

Stretch 24 min

Session 2

Run 3 miles


Sleep: ~6 hours. Woke fine.

Mood: Just an overwhelming sense of happy.

Energy: Was great right up until ~1600, when suddenly just felt myself "crash" - could possibly be because of the pain in my shoulders, since that always seems to take more out of my body than I realize, especially when it is sharp and constant like it is at the moment.

Joints: Left anterior delt right IN the joint is in the LOT of pain - has been since got home from the gym. Right anterior delt/bi, though achy, is surprisingly not biting in pain - was the worst of the two during training though, and again during post-weights cardio had to REALLY dig my nails into it. Right wrist also had some issues with during QuadSet B.

Quality of Training: I am TRYING to be CAREFUL of both my shoulders during training, continuing to train with intensity, pushing it when I can, but also "allowing" some "slack" on some exercises re weight and/or reps, especially when the pain becomes so much I want to stop and SCREAM. For the most part today though, I had a goofy expression, almost mischievous smile on my face throughout the majority of my training today, lost in my own little world.

Supplements: Started Magic Matcha today - using a scoop once or twice daily, mixed in with my RecoverPRO.