May 23, 2012

2012 | Day 141: If you had a choice then what would you choose to do?


I am what I CHOOSE to BECOME

We all have a past. For many of us that past is something we don’t like to look back on often, causing pain when we do. However, that past has played a role in who and where you are TODAY. It has given you experiences. It has given you happiness, love, heartache, loss, fear, strength, determination, dreams, passion. Even in the most terrible and tough of times, it has blessed you in coming OUT of it.

Some of us choose to “live” in the past, allowing it to “dictate” how we act and what we become. But you are NOT what happened to you. You are NOT your circumstances. You are NOT a victim. You are a SURVIVOR of experience. And you have a CHOICE in what you become!

YOU choose what you HOLD onto from your past. YOU choose what you allow to AFFECT you. YOU choose what aspects of yourself you will NOURISH and what you will let wither. YOU choose what kind of food to FEED your soul. YOU choose what creates the FOUNDATION of your values. YOU choose what to DO on a daily basis. YOU choose whether or not to be BRAVE and face your fears. YOU choose what DREAMS to pursue, how, and when. YOU choose the people you want to STAY in your life. YOU choose your HOME. YOU choose your THOUGHTS. YOU choose where to place your HEART. YOU choose whether you will look at something positively OR negatively. YOU choose whether or not you will GROW. YOU choose whether or not to become BETTER.

It’s all YOU. YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU BECOME! So if you don’t like who you are or what you are becoming, CHANGE it. YOU choose what you will give POWER to. TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR CHOICES TODAY!

Quote for Reflection:


Session 1

a. 4 min jogging
b. 28 x 20 sec sprint/10 sec easy
c. 4 min jogging

Skip x 600 revolutions

Shoulders (30 sec recovery between supersets):
SuperSet A -
1. Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises 4 x 10 per side
2. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet B -
3. Single-Arm DB Cleans 3 x 10 per side
4. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet C -
5. Standing Arnold/Shoulder Press 1 x 10
6. Skip 1 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet D -
7. Incline DB Rear Raises 3 x 10
8. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet E -
9. Bent Over DB Rear Raises 1 x 10
10. Skip 1 x 100 revolutions

Session 2

Skip x 1,000 revolutions

Hamstrings (30 sec recovery between supersets):
Superset -
1. Stiff-Legged BB Deadlifts (BB to touch ground) 3 x 10
2. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
Superset B -
3. Single-Leg Deadlifts 1 x 10 per side
4. Skip 1 x 100 revolutions

Post-Weights Cardio:
Run 3 miles

Stretch 25 min

Energy: Starting to fail a little in the gym, especially after the Single-Arm DB Cleans (my legs are going to feel those tomorrow!), but getting better as the day went on (until Training Session 2).

Joints: Wrists were still painful during training and I actually strapped my left one up after the first set of Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises. Delts giving a little issue at times. Left hip still niggly. And right arch (although not a "joint" issue) was so painful after the Single-Arm DB Cleans, I was favouring it during all skipping thereafter.



May is definitely keeping me busy (which is good), and I was once again honoured with an interview, this time for SHUTUPANDTRAIN.
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