November 12, 2014



In your head. In your heart. In your SOUL. EVERYTHING dreamt or thought can become REAL. It might not be instantaneous or always in the way that you might have thought, but it CAN be made a reality. YOUR reality. If you really want it and are willing to WORK for it.

We are not given dreams for NO reason. Our soul does not have its deepest longings without PURPOSE. Our heart does not love like it never has before with just ANYone. Perpetual thoughts and ideas do not spin through our minds always without a WHY.

Not all dreams are born of imagination, but some are. A dream is a VISION and a vision takes thought and time and creativity to take it from a simple status of desire to manifestation. A vision starts out as a single idea in one’s mind, but can become so much MORE, the ripple of ocean wave spreading across the world.

EVERYthing you can imagine can or is real in one reality or another. How you choose to live your life, the actions you take, the steps you make, will determine whether that will be your reality in THIS reality. But first you must BELIEVE it is possible and embrace the sacrifice required to make your vision become.

The fulfilment of a dream takes hard work and SACRIFICE. Many will attempt to dissuade you from your path, but you must choose to IGNORE them and soldier on, even if they once were your nearest. You may give up one life for another, but do so willingly, knowing that in the end it will all be WORTH it.

© 2014 Rosie Chee