August 31, 2014



Sometimes doing the very thing that you DON’T want to do is what you NEED to do to bring your soul PEACE. Comfort with yourself, confidence in who you ARE, the ability to let your worries fly free, are all markers of a soul that has come to terms with their ROLE in the world, knowing and ACCEPTING their deepest and darkest secrets, often hidden for so long from themselves at the core.

It’s GOOD for the soul to FACE your secrets, to face YOURSELF, to learn to let GO of the world you cannot change and focus on changing what you CAN, knowing that if you are NOT happy with what you see and know and are doing, changing a small part of the world, the one you are IMMERSED in.

It’s good for the soul to KNOW thyself, to get a grasp on WHO you are and WHERE you NEED and WANT to be. Change is a CONSTANT evolution and we must ensure that we are NOT left behind in the progression for BETTERING ourselves, the pursuit of our PURPOSE.

© Rosie Chee