May 12, 2014



A hero can be defined by many things. The world has many heroes - they are not always the people in the limelight, those winning the accolades for great deeds, nor the famous and notorious; but more often than not they are the ones you never see or hear of, the unsung greats who do it for nothing more than simply because they can and want to help another in their time of need or trouble.

As Christo Parkeeves said, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” The Flowers of War trailer states that, “In extraordinary times ordinary people become heroes.”

Sometimes life leaves us with no other option but to step up to the plate and be the hero that is needed, to stand up for ourselves, to right the wrongs, to see that our justice is done, to be our OWN hero.

Are you waiting for someone ELSE to “save” you? Or are you prepared to dig deep within you for the strength, the determination, the perseverance, and passion to rise up and do what you know is RIGHT? Are YOU willing to step up to the challenge, into the shoes that you’ve perhaps thought yourself unworthy of wearing?

Because let me tell you right now, you ARE worthy. If you have something in the recesses of your soul that cries every time you see an injustice, when you are on your knees and have nothing left, when you are backed into a corner and see no way out, and that something comes strongly to the fore, then you ARE worthy. You have something inside you that will not close its eyes to what is going on and you HAVE to ACT to make it better. THAT is the heart of a hero.

Look WITHIN. Don’t rely on others - rely on YOURSELF to do what needs to be done, to pull yourself out of the black hole you might find yourself in, inch by bleeding inch, step by painful step. Allow the journey to teach you, mould you into something BETTER than what you are. Find strength you never knew you had, courage you have never used, and fight back with everything you’ve got, because this is YOUR life, YOUR war, YOUR battle, YOUR fight.

© Rosie Chee