May 28, 2014



Sometimes it takes us a long time to realize that we actually are IMPORTANT to the world. Sometimes it takes us a long time to understand that we WORTHY of the blessings we have been given in this life. Sometimes it takes us a long time to awaken to the reality of what we MEAN to others.

You are more VALUABLE than you think. You are more PRECIOUS than you believe. You mean more to someone than you might ever KNOW. Just because you do not know does not make it any LESS true.

You are NOT alone in this life. There are people here who love you and want to walk WITH you. There are people who want to see you SMILE. There are people who want to give your dreams a chance of SUCCESS. There are people who believe IN you beyond anything you might ever fathom.

You are an ASSET to this world. You are a DIAMOND in the rough. You are a WONDER waiting to be uncovered. You are PERFECT in your imperfectness. You are flawed and your flaws make you BEAUTIFUL.

When you know all this life OPENS up in a million different ways. It holds far more POSSIBILITIES. It brings NEW meaning to the old. It births new BELIEF in potential for greatness. It creates a glow in your heart and surrounds your soul with LIGHT.

The light in your soul reflects in the world AROUND you. It seeps from you out into the universe and helps create a new kaleidoscope of MAGNIFICENCE. LET it happen…

© Rosie Chee