April 10, 2014



If you want something in your life, YOU have to go AFTER it. If you want something to change, YOU have to MAKE it happen. YOU have to DO it. YOU have to create your OWN future. YOU have the power to determine your DESTINY.

DELIGHT in the Blessings that have been given to you. OPEN your heart and allow people in. ACCEPT that people change and that sometimes it is time to let them go to allow something better to become. TAKE the chance because it might become something more precious than you ever imagined. NEVER settle for less than what you deserve.

If life is not the way you desire it to be, KNOW what you want and then take the necessary steps to MAKE it your REALITY. You have always had the POWER and you always WILL. If you want something to CHANGE, you have to be the one to INITIATE that change. YOU have to be the one to see it THROUGH. You have to be the one to take RESPONSIBILITY for creating the OPPORTUNITY for your life to evolve and move to the NEXT level.

You should constantly be HUNGRY to become BETTER, never “settling” but always striving to BE the change you want to see. Although you never want to be “satisfied” to stay in one place, happiness is always there is you allow it to be, so enjoy the time you have and the people you have in it, and never take a moment for granted, even if you are not yet where and who you want to be. Life is a mountain that you NEVER stop climbing, but there are always plateaus along the way where you can pause and just ENJOY it, knowing how far you have come. Then you look UP and know that you can choose to stay where you are or keep ON climbing, the choice to continue all on YOU.

Take RESPONSIBILITY for your life. Accept the CHALLENGE to always climb higher. Determine to make your life what YOU want it to be. Know that the POWER to change lies with you. It’s all on YOU.

© Rosie Chee