April 28, 2014



You might wake to sunshine or rain. Your first thought might be one of joy or despair. Your heart might be light or crushed. No matter how you wake, it’s the start of a brand NEW day.

Another day is another chance: To make the changes in your life that you want to see happen and bring about, to look for the light in the darkness and the hope in the torment, to KEEP going even if you feel like you cannot or do not want to, to find a SMILE and to give ANOTHER that blessing.

No matter how you wake, there is ALWAYS something out there to smile about. Always someone who can make you smile simply by thinking about them. Something that can happen to you that will make your smile grow wider and bigger. Something that can amaze you so much the memory of that smile imprints on your heart forever.

No matter how you wake, the thoughts in your head, what is going on in your life, remember that there is ALWAYS going to be a smile tucked away, even if you think not. You just have to shake your head, close your eyes and reopen them to look at the world in a different light, from a new perspective, see the beauty and let it touch your soul, having faith in the hope that your dreams are on their way to becoming tangible.

© Rosie Chee