February 14, 2014



Dreams are placed in your heart for a reason. They rest insistently on your soul for a purpose. A dream that stays with you is not yours alone, but is meant to BE, shared by more than you. He knows your heart, your soul, your dreams, the things you have always secretly desired, the things you have desperately wanted and let go of, the things that make your soul smile and your heart break. He knows everything, but He would not allow a dream to STAY with you if it was not intended to be at SOME point in time.

Sometimes the dream that you have seems impossible, like it will never come to pass, the obstacles to attaining it and making it tangible more than half a world of separation. Yet you know that it is not something so easily forgotten, that if you look for the possibilities, a way can and WILL be found to overcome anything thrown at you to prevent you from seeing that dream a reality. The “one day” becomes MORE than a dream harboured in the shelter of the innermost depths of your soul, but suddenly a chance, a new risk, RENEWED hope that its improbability was all in your mind, that eventually, because you held it so sacred, so precious to everything that you are and hold dear, that it was only ever meant to be INEVITABLE in your life.

But what happens when a dream that has been kept so close for so long becomes inevitable? What happens when the reality of it leaves your heart unable to breathe, your mind grasping for ways to express the emotion? What happens when the reality of that dream would topple the reality that you have started to build when you “let go” of that dream?

Sometimes you must make a decision that will render your soul in half. Sometimes you must take a hard stand that will seemingly destroy you for a time. Yet in the end, you know that the destruction to come will be far less than the devastation that is inevitable if you stepped into that dream and allowed it to play out in your life. It is inevitable that you will have to CHOOSE between a dream that has meant so much to you and kept you going for so long and the dream that now sustains you and gives you light and life.

Inevitable. Such a small word. So much meaning. So much IMPACT. What will you choose when you come to make that decision?

© Rosie Chee