September 23, 2013



Your head is LOGICAL (at least, it should be). Your heart is EMOTIONAL (and not always easily understood). Your soul is INSTINCTUAL (thus is the truest of them all).

Too many of us live in our heads (looking at only what is and not at what can be). If we live in such a place, we often ignore our heart and most certainly our soul (not ideal). We tend to restrict the real potential of our lives because we live in the realm of REALISM (and theory is not always right).

More and more are beginning to realize that the SOUL is from whence their truth stems, the dreams that will determine their destiny (if they follow them). They understand that there must be a BALANCE for one to live a successful and happy life (and that that balance comes from listening to what does not always make sense).

Balance is ESSENTIAL (without it there is chaos). It creates a well-developed individual (one who accepts that not everything the mind says is real and that just because something has not yet manifested does not mean that it cannot). It turns dreamers into the pioneers (feet on the ground, even as they walk on clouds). It moves us FORWARD (evolving). It creates an OPEN connection between mind and heart and soul (and when that happens possibilities are truly endless).

So take a trip out of your head and into your soul and find the ULTIMATE that you can be!

© 2013 Rosie Chee