August 6, 2013



Life is a dance and the stars dance in the sky - when we can see them and when we cannot, and in the times we cannot see them does NOT mean they are not there, twirling and whirling through space, sparkling in the inky blackness, lighting the way and making the world around them appear magical.

In the same way, just because we canNOT see the beauty of life in any given instance does not mean that there is none – only that for a time our hearts and eyes have been blinded by distraction or pain or tears, and when the mist clears we will be able to see the wonder surrounding us, waiting for us to delight in it.

When the world becomes clouded and you appear to have “lost” your way, remember the stars and know that the way IS there, the LIGHT is there, the beauty is THERE, and it will guide our soul if we determine to dwell on it and trust our faith that when we do we will be “lighter”, as the stars themselves.

The stars hang in darkness. They shine brilliantly, born of “nothing”, to become something amazing. As the stars, so can YOU be – become one of them: A light in the depths of shadow, overcoming the forces of darkness that might seek to extinguish that light.

When the night seems dark and the day covered in shadow, dwell not on what you can see, but on what you know IS there – the beauty of life, the stars shining high above you, the POSSIBILITIES that exist with YOUR name upon them, and SMILE, because life IS good.

© 2013 Rosie Chee