March 24, 2013




When you place TRUE VALUE on something in your soul, you WILL WAIT for it, no matter how long it takes. You will make the sacrifices and cover the costs, shed the tears and bear the burden of whatever you must without resentment, in order to attain the object of your “desire”. You do it because you know the WORTH of it, how PRECIOUS it is to your heart and soul and overall BEING.

When your SOUL dreams, you WAIT the time it takes to bring that dream to fruition. You do all you can when you can, but that is all you CAN do. If circumstances “blow out” of your control, then you either settle in the harbour to “wait them out” or you do your best in facing the elements in the midst of the ocean in the storm. More often than not, you’re in the heart of the storm and the destruction it causes can wreak even more damage on your soul.

The destruction only gives you “space” to REBUILD. The fire that burns bright, the spark that LIGHTS “up” your soul, can never truly be extinguished until you are gone from this world, and when your heart truly values your dream, it does whatever it must to KEEP that dream “alive”, even if it is only what appears to be an “insignificant” glow in an ember resting in the darkest depths of your being.

Embers are our HOPE, waiting for the time to be “set alight” and GROW and burn BRIGHT. They are the slumbering POTENTIAL of our dreams, the TRUE nature of our desire, because when it IS true, it can NEVER be cast aside or forgotten or become “cold” like the remnants of ash that scatter over the coals of a fire that once raged. Embers can sit for a lifetime if need be, “holding” their heat encased in a deceptively “dead” heart.

Even “death” is not the end, for the phoenix rises from the ashes of itself, flames flare from the heart of a fire that has diminished to only glowing embers, and YOU can “spark” the ember of YOUR dreams, to reveal the TRUTH of their value to you, when the world thought them long gone or “let go” of. TRUE dreams and desire can and WILL wait as long as it takes to manifest in the world the REALITY they keep in the heart of the soul that carries them.

© 2013 Rosie Chee